Protection Invest is a team of professional traders and engineers driven by the passion and experience of over ten years in the investment industry. Our fintech-software services company specializes in the Forex market and aims to address financial markets through automated trading systems.                                                                                                                                              Our services cover the conception, development, distribution of automatic Trading Systems and indicators as well as professional training for all those who want to approach the trading world or alternatively, improve their operations.

We can create a portfolio of trading strategies with widely diversified solutions based on specific needs.

Sure. You can enrich your offer to customers because using our strategies, you will split the risk by introducing new methods not related to the basic and unattractive products of your sector.

You can diversify your management offer by using our special platform dedicated to your specific activity.

We advise you to try our “guided tour” that will help you to understand your profile (risk attitude, objectives and preferences) in order to choose the solution that best suits your needs. The process will take place entirely online and you will not have to send us any paper documents. One of our operators, if I deem it appropriate, can be by your side.

Certainly. We will guide you in every step and you will always have the help of one of our operators who will guide you by phone during the journey. Contact us for more information.

Of course, we will help you achieve a model of sustainable growth, aware and lasting over time.

Do not worry, our “All in One” product has been designed for customers like you.You only have to register for free at our site, make the first login and follow the procedure to use our Expert Online.

There is no minimum capital threshold but it is preferable to invest an amount not less than € 1,000.00.

Protection SAFE” is the perfect Expert Advisor for customers interested in a low risk appetite. The software will execute a prudential differentiation strategy on a long-term horizon and will help you grow your investment with a performance forecast that can go from 10% to 15% on an annual basis.  Investment and R.O.I. Minimum recommended investment: € 1,000.00 Annual forecast R.O.I. : 10% to 15%

We can help you realize your investment strategy by offering you complete automation and constant verifiability on your project. “Protection PERSONAL” is a customized solution that perfectly adapts to the needs of both private investors and organizations. In relation to the propensity to risk and diversification in the markets, the software will outline a personalized path of capital growth.
Investment and R.O.I. Minimum recommended investment: € 50,000 Annual forecast R.O.I. : to be agreed

We can deal with any need, both with a type of expert investor and with those who are beginners. Our experts are always available to clarify any doubt and perplexity. In any case, there are other types of solutions with characteristics and different starting capitals suggested:
” Protection GROWTH ” is the innovative solution for more mature investors interested in a medium-term objective, with an estimated annual return of between 60% and 80%. It is the perfect solution for investors who want to start diversifying their investment strategy and are ready to invest a minimum recommended capital of € 10,000.  Investment and R.O.I. Minimum recommended investment: € 10,000 Annual forecast R.O.I. : 60% to 80%

“Protection SPEED” is the Advanced Expert Advisor that combines high potential capital growth with a risk diversification strategy. Thanks to a complementary investment algorithm, the software can make a substantial return on long-term investments estimated between 80% and 150% with a minimum recommended capital € 50,000. Investment and R.O.I. Minimum recommended investment: € 50,000 Annual forecast R.O.I. : 80% to 150%

We do not want to charge you with unclear commissions or transaction or advisory costs. You will only pay the rental fee for our software or you can choose to pay a posteriori only on the profit obtained. The cost can be reduced in case of active promotions.

No. Our Experts are fully automated and include order negotiation and execution. Your savings will be supported by our programs and you will be able to view all the operations with a free app in real time. You can check the “trade” open at any time by accessing your private area.

The cost of the service includes everything, except for taxes and fees.

You will be a licensed user of one or more of our software.

No, you will not pay anything even in the hypothesis if you need assistance on installing the software both on your PC and online.

Yes, contact us for further information. Contact us 

Yes, without warning, always.

No, there are no special terms to stop the service and you can do it at any time.

No, you can also use a very small amount but we recommend using our Expert Advisors with a figure of less than € 1,000.

You can always increase or decrease the amount compared to the initial capital.

If you want, our simulators will analyze your previous financial situation and will produce an analysis on your investments, completely free of charge.

Every three friends who will become our customers by registering on the site mentioning your name, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on the next software rental. You can accumulate up to two vouchers and get a maximum discount of 20%.

our service is separate from your funds. With Protection Invest you simply have to deactivate the experts and do not renew the subscription anymore. To withdraw funds, however, you will have to make a request to your broker.

You can use all the EAs you prefer for scope of  diversification and to pursue your goals.

The declarative regime is that particular tax regime of capital gain taxation in which the trader chooses to:   independently calculating the return on own portfolio returns through the application of the LIFO method (Last In First Out = Last to enter, first to exit); collects the total return on capital gain before taxes; calculates and pays the taxes independently in accordance with the deadlines set by the income tax return. The declarative regime, therefore, has as its object the different income obtained by the taxpayer thanks to the difference between the amount received and the purchase cost recognized fiscally. The normative reference on tax matters are articles 67 and following of the TUIR.
As an alternative to the declarative regime, the trader can decide to adhere to taxation with the tax regime of assets under administration.  The taxation of capital gain with the administered regime is charged to the intermediary; the option for “administered savings” is adopted by the trader when the account is opened.  Taxation, in this case, is carried out with the system of the withholding tax at source permanently, for which the intermediary becomes a substitute tax. In this case, therefore, the trader collects a capital gain already net of the withholding tax.

Regarding the tax part you will only have to refer to the broker where you opened the account.


Your liquidity is deposited on the broker you have chosen. We will never dispose of your availability which will always remain in your full ownership, furthermore, we will never ask you for your account credentials.

The commission, if planned, will be charged on a monthly basis and will include the full cost of the service.

You can close your account at any time. you just need to contact your  broker.

Your funds are deposited on your broker or sometimes in a custodian bank. Any failure of Protection Invest would not involve your capital  in any way.

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