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A wide range of services. Big investment banks typically gain a positive return on investments in ForEx asset management but do not offer this solution to investors like you. At Protection Invest, we aim to offer the big investment bank asset management model to you thanks to a wide range of financial software and services.

Transparency. All our performances are published on traders community official international websites so that you can best assess the trust our software and services deserve.

Automation & Control. Our software has automated algorithms that will help your investments always be on top of positive returns while you can control at any time your investment performances.

Time-Out Trade (TOT). We always aim to make your investment profitable and sustainable. To do so, our software algorithm optimizes the time of your asset on the market by setting up a maximum time-out.

Multistrategy. Our team knows how important diversification is in asset management: that’s why our diversification strategy is always based on the best returns on investments in the same market rather than in different markets.

Protection SAFE

Protection SAFE is the perfect Expert Advisor software solution for investors interested in a prudential and early-stage investment strategy. Thanks to a low investment range, the software will perform a prudential differentiation strategy on a long-term horizon and will help you grow your investment with an expected steady return from 10% to 15% on a yearly base.

  • Minimum recommended investment: 1000 €
  • Expected yearly R.O.I. : 10% to 15%
  • You want to play a prudential investment model, by funding a limited amount of capital
  • You want to automate a minimum 10% of yearly return on investment
  • You want a solution that mixes low investment risk and a steady base of return on investments

Protection GROWTH

Protection GROWTH is the innovative Expert Advisor software solution for more mature investors interested in a mixed term strategy expected a yearly return on investment range between 60% and 80%. It’s the perfect solution for investors intended to start diversifying their investiment strategy and are ready to invest a minimum asset of 10 000 €

  • Minimum recommended investment: 10 000 €
  • Expected yearly R.O.I. : 60% to 80%
  • You want to play a differentiation strategy with different time frames prudential investment model, with a limited amount of funding capital
  • You want to automate a minimum 10% of yearly return on investment
  • You want a solution that mixes low investment risk and a steady base of return on investments

Protection SPEED

Protection SPEED is an advanced Expert Advisor software solution that combines high potential capital growth with a risk diversification strategy. Thanks to a complementary investment algorithm, the software can perform a substantial return on investments on a long-term basis between 80% and 150% of the funding capital, starting from 50 000€.

  • Minimum recommended investment: 50 000 €
  • Expected yearly R.O.I. : 80% to 150%
  • You have a substantial asset and want to grow it significantly
  • You want to play a complementary investment strategy
  • You want to implement an automated software solution to safely manage risk in your investments strategy


Protection PERSONAL is a customized Expert Advisor software solution that fully adapts to the needs of both notable private investors and other organizations. After an agreement upon the minimum expected return on investment, our Exper Advisor software solution will perform a custom individual strategy to meet the clients’ investments needs.

  • Minimum recommended investment: 50 000 €
  • Expected yearly R.O.I. : to be agreed upon
  • You have a notable capital to invest and want to automate the process
  • You want to grow your investment according to a personalized strategy


Protection Invest will create a totally custom trading software to help you perform your investment strategy, offering you complete automation together with constant venerability on your investment project.

Protection Invest can help you optimize your investment strategy by offering in-house or webinar training to provide you with all the tools and capabilities you need to professionally grow in the dynamic and fast-paced investment area of expertise.

Stay always up-to-date with Protection Invest’s newsletter: we offer a full range of trading and investments news subscription, from freemium to premium, to help you keep your strategy optimization always at the highest standards thanks to the latest news from your industry of interest.

We can do for you a backtest of your EA with our database of
quotation of all currency with an accuracy of 99,9 %.

we can do an optimization of your EA, looking for a better combination of the variable insert in your EA and we can insert a better filter for
get a better result to respect your version.

We can insert in your EA an efficient strategy for recovery your loss.

We can automate the “trading signals” that arrive on Mail or on Telegram by other companies or organizations with whom you have subscribed or you have free service. Contact us to know the compatibility.

Institutional Client

Our company offers solutions for financial intermediaries, banks, hedge funds and asset management companies. We offer superior and cost-effective aggregation technology while maintaining trading performance, all at low cost without minimum volume requirements. Our superior customer support – from consulting to integration, from set-up to training. We build true partnerships where the success of our partners is our goal.

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