What is ALL IN ONE Protection Invest and how can it boost your online trading

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Protect Invest and its All in One Services along with Protect safe is compared in this blog. This blog is all about all in one services of protection invest. In this blog we will look at each and every service offered by our company. On top of that, you will also know the different advanced services, which are covered in All in One service. When you are doing online trading you need to understand that time, money, investment, protection of your funds, the speed of algo trading software, the right strategy, business capital growth and trade assistance is important. Protect invest specializes in that with its all in one service. In this article, you will learn about AIO services and how it improves your business growth.

All in One Service

All in One service of protection invest includes services like basic services, advanced services or premium services. These services are explained one by one to give you a better idea about how it can scale your online trading experience and how you can increase your profit. ALL IN ONE is the perfect solution for a hassle-free investment automated management. Check your online trading return on investments directly online or with our app with ALL IN ONE: you won’t even need a PC nor VPS to get instant access to your account.

How does ALL IN ONE work?

1) Open an account on our partner website SGT Market by clicking here

2) Download the attorney and sign it on every page.

3) Send the contract to the following address: compliance@sgtmarkets.com

4) Start using our Expert Advisor from protection invest solution, 24/7 using any mobile or desktop device.

Rent our software

Looking for more independence? Protection Invest offers its Expert Advisors software at your full disposal to help you automate your trading experience with complete autonomy. The algo trading software helps you to get better results on your investments. Even after registering, traders will get one month free trial of the software. Use it to check the live reports on our trade.

How does it work?

1) Choose your expert advisor software and rent it

2) Install it on your platform on Mt4

3) Link Mt4 and our software on a VPS 24/7

4) Start your investment experience!

Protection SAFE

Protection SAFE is the perfect Expert Advisor software solution for investors interested in a prudential and early-stage investment strategy. Thanks to a low investment range, the software will perform a prudential differentiation strategy on a long-term horizon and will help you grow your investment with an expected steady return from 10% to 15% on a yearly base.

  • Minimum recommended investment: 1000 €
  • Expected yearly R.O.I. : 10% to 15%
  • You want to play a prudential investment model, by funding a limited amount of capital
  • You want to automate a minimum 10% of yearly return on investment
  • You want a solution that mixes low investment risk and a steady base of return on investments

Protection GROWTH

Protection GROWTH is the innovative Expert Advisor software solution for more mature investors interested in a mixed term strategy expected a yearly return on investment range between 60% and 80%. It’s the perfect solution for investors intended to start diversifying their investment strategy and are ready to invest a minimum asset of 10,000 € in protection invest.

  • Minimum recommended investment: 10 000 €
  • Expected yearly R.O.I. : 60% to 80%
  • You want to play a differentiation strategy with different time frames prudential investment model, with a limited amount of funding capital
  • You want to automate a minimum 10% of yearly return on investment
  • You want a solution that mixes low investment risk and a steady base of return on investments

Protection SPEED

Protection SPEED is an advanced Expert Advisor software solution that combines high potential capital growth with a risk diversification strategy. Thanks to a complementary investment algorithm, the software can perform a substantial return on investments on a long-term basis between 80% and 150% of the funding capital, starting from 50 000€.

  • Minimum recommended investment: 50 000 €
  • Expected yearly R.O.I. : 80% to 150%
  • You have a substantial asset and want to grow it significantly
  • You want to play a complementary investment strategy
  • You want to implement an automated software solution to safely manage risk in your investments strategy

Protection PERSONAL

Protection PERSONAL is a customized Expert Advisor software solution from protection invest that fully adapts to the needs of both notable private investors and other organizations. After an agreement upon the minimum expected return on investment, our Exper Advisor software solution will perform a custom individual strategy to meet the clients’ investments needs.

  • Minimum recommended investment: 50 000 €
  • Expected yearly R.O.I. : to be agreed upon
  • You have a notable capital to invest and want to automate the process
  • You want to grow your investment according to a personalized strategy


Sign up with us to take advantage of our services and have full access to our training tutorials and content, rent our software or apply for our ALL IN ONE trading solution and much more! Protection invest has the perfect tools and software that make your online trading easier. You need not worry about your investment. With our plans traders are getting better return on investment.

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